About us

Working Group

  • Luuk B. Hilbrands, MD PhD, chair transplantation subdatabase:

  • Casper F. M. Franssen, MD PhD, chair dialysis subdatabase

  • Ron T. Gansevoort, MD PhD, project lead / overall coordination

  • Marc H. Hemmelder, MD PhD, nephrologist

  • Kitty J. Jager, MD PhD, managing director ERA-EDTA Registry

Management Team

  • Raphaël Duivenvoorden, MD PhD nephrologist

  • Marlies Noordzij, PhD epidemiologist, project coordination

  • Priya Vart, PhD epidemiologist, data analysis



  • Ziad Massy (France), Chair & Chair ERA-EDTA Registry

  • Emilio Sanchez (Spain), Co-chair & Chair of Spanish Renal Registries

  • Carlo Basile (Italy), Chair EUDIAL Working Group (for dialysis)

  • Adrian Covic (Romania), Board member EUDIAL  Working Group (for dialysis) 

  • Sandip Mitra (United Kingdom), Board member EUDIAL Working Group (for dialysis)

  • Marta Crespo (Spain), Board member DESCARTES Wor-king Group (transplantation)

  • Daniel Abramowicz (Belgium), Board member DESCARTES Working Group (for transplantation)

About us

ERACODA is led by a Working Group which is assisted by a Management Team located in the University Medical Center Groningen and Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen (both in the Netherlands) and an international Advisory Board. The project is endorsed by the ERA-EDTA.

Contact Us

If you want to collaborate, or if you have any questions about ERACODA or suggestions for future research, please contact us at COVID.19.KRT@umcg.nl.