Welcome to the ERACODA website

The European Renal Association COVID-19 Database is a European database collecting clinical information of patients on kidney replacement therapy with COVID-19.

The mission of ERACODA is to gain insight in what the COVID-19 epidemic means for patients treated with dialysis or a kidney transplantation across Europe, in the hope to improve their prognosis by intervening on modifiable risk factors.


The primary aim of ERACODA is to investigate the clinical course and outcomes (including hospital admission, intensive care admission and mortality) of patients on kidney replacement therapy with COVID-19. Such information may guide clinical treatment decisions and support triage strategies for admission to critical care units.


A secondary aim is to gain information on risk factors for mortality. Knowledge on modifiable patient and treatment characteristics associated with outcome may lead to interventions or changes in transplantation strategies that can improve prognosis.

What data are collected?

Data are collected from all outpatient and hospitalized adult patients (aged ≥18 years) with a functioning kidney allograft or on maintenance dialysis treatment who are diagnosed with COVID-19. This diagnosis needs to be based on a positive result on a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay of nasal or pharyngeal swab specimens, and/or compatible findings on a CT scan or chest X-ray of the lungs. 

Patient characteristics

including age, sex, primary kidney disease, comorbi-dities, medication, frailty, mental & functional status

Disease characteristics

including COVID-19 symptoms, vital signs, laboratory test results, hospital & ICU admissions

Center characteristics

including country / region, size, staff, type of screening and preventive strategies applied

Contact Us

If you want to collaborate, or if you have any questions about ERACODA or suggestions for future research, please contact us at COVID.19.KRT@umcg.nl.